<p>neben (2011) Blume</p>
<p>neben (2011) Knopf</p>
<p>neben (2011) Ansicht</p>
<p>neben (2011) Ablauf</p>
<p>neben (2011) Schiefer</p>
<p>neben (2011) rot</p>
<p>neben (2011) Säge</p>
Neben – Ausstellung 2011

solo exhibition; Herrenhaus Edenkoben

At first we walk, still outsiders, aimlessly up and down. Then, soon enough,  our footsteps lead us onto the same paths again and again; crossing yesterday’s tracks, picking up green or brown, long or round. We absorb the place itself, collecting from the context into the context. Perhaps the found objects are already defined afresh on the way home, placing one Next-To to the other Next-To, making us find something new in the Found; There is a constant movement, always something is discovered that will stand out in the Next-To-Each-Other, as neighbouring objects.
Nina Jäckle

video link to “neben” 
installation: Anne Römpp
words and text: Nina Jäckle
camera and editing: Michael Schröder