<p>OT (2011) Ettlingen, Detail, verschiedene Materialien</p>
<p>Basel deuxpiece (2010) Installation in a raised door frame</p>
<p>Detail (2009) Wachs, Gaze, Nägel</p>
<p>OT (2009) Betonwaschbecken, Fundstück</p>
<p>OT (2011) Reutlingen, Fundstücke</p>
<p>Stapeldetail (2009) verschiedene Materialien, Fundstücke</p>
<p>wenn man geht (2011) Fundstücke</p>
Aufbauten – Installation

We discover compositions that become alive in their surroundings, establishing a relationship with the room around them. A whittled piece of wood peeping out cheekily from behind a monumental block of stone awakens a feeling of insecurity rather than of stability. A double T-girder in a factory hall has been reinvented as a shelf for small objects. An ephemeral, fragile installation melts into the wooden wall panelling, making it into an integral part and so spanning a greater space than it truly commands. Even if the viewers are surprised by these new semantic definitions, the objects seem to fall naturally into their allotted places. The space dedicated to the presentation becomes a work of art in itself. Then there are assemblages which rest within themselves. These are constructions that have been installed concentrically, forming a frame for themselves, reminiscent of curios presented in display cases. Taken individually, however, the presented objects would lose their purpose.

Martin Steinberger